Summer Camps



PTC Summer Camp June 3 – 5, 6th & 7th Graders, 8:30 – 2:15pm

Paper Application

Sign-up your student for PTC Summer Camp and participants can experience 9 different program offerings from these options; Automotive, BIOMED, Business, Construction, Cosmo, Criminal Justice, Culinary, Firefighter/EMT, Fleet, Health, Machine Tool, Industrial Tech, Teacher Prep and Welding.  Only $25 includes lunch and T-shirt.

Camp Med June 10 – 13, 7th – 9th Graders, 8 – 11:30am

If you enjoy science, you will love Camp Med. Take a journey of exploration into areas like science technology, engineering and math. Instructor Mia Sweetman will be your guide; $25. 

Youth Police Academy June 10 – 13, 7th – 9th Graders

Instructor Tom Burg along with officers at the PCPD will take cadets through a fun and exciting camp experience. Get hands-on training in CSI, fingerprinting, Criminal Law, police functions, procedures as well as defensive tactics and firearm education; $25.

Cyber Patriot June 17 – 20, 7th – 9th Graders

The CyberPatriot program is about kids working together learning how to secure against internal and external threats, by using different virtual machines. Inside these machines students can make changes to the systems to see how those changes affect the operation of the computer. On the final day of camp students will compete against their fellow campers in a Mini-CyberPatriot Competition. Zac Ladner is the instructor; $25. 

Camp EngineerED June 17 – 20, 7th – 9th Graders

Design your very own creation and print it on a 3D printer using filament created from corn starch! Chuck Rector, instructor, will keep students engaged at every turn; $25. 

Camp Horsepower June 24 – 27, 7th – 9th Graders

Learn the ins and outs of how a vehicle actually works. Instructor Kyle Renfrow will engage students with hands-on learning experiences; $25.

Widget World July 8 – 11, 7th – 9th Graders

Design and make all kinds of widgets from different materials in this Machine Tool inspired camp. Use CNC machines with Jared McMartin where the possibilities are endless; $25.

Summer Salon Academy July 8 – 11, 7th – 9th Graders

Practice the fine arts of nail polishing, hair styling, skin care and make-up application. Kayla Randol, your instructor always keeps things fun and energized. You won’t want to miss this experience, $25.

Construction Academy July 15 – 18, 7th – 9th Graders

Learn hands-on carpentry and basic construction skills in this camp experience. Steve Bookout never disappoints with his DIY , fun projects you take home; $25.

Teen Chef July 15 – 18, 7th – 9th Graders

Build the essential skills needed to conquer the kitchen at this camp. Make your food and enjoy eating it just as much with instructor Brenda Pollak; $25.