Evans Wins CareerTech Guidance Award

Lori Evans, Pioneer Technology Center’s (PTC) Counselor, has been honored by the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education (OKACTE). This guidance award recognizes school counselors and career development professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to connecting students with opportunities for success, shown innovation in career exploration and development, and have advocated for CareerTech (CTE) as a practical option for all students.

Evans, a dedicated education professional, is devoted to career and technical education and connecting students with opportunities for success. In her years of service, she has functioned in a variety of capacities. Among others, she has served in the role of learning consultant, academic and special education instructor as well as a counselor. Her philosophy is, “All students can achieve,” and she works diligently to foster student success.

Her role as a learning consultant in the past allowed her to work individually with students to identify their specific learning needs and work together, with the CTE instructors, to ensure student achievement in the classroom environment. As an academic math instructor, Evans collaborated with other educators to provide the math skills students needed to be successful in the CareerTech world. She focused on bridging the academic content with relevance and real world application.

As a special education instructor, Evans understood modifications necessary to provide the optimum learning environment for students with special needs. She was and is conscientious about inclusion in the classroom and takes into account student interest, preferences and abilities. When enrolling students into a class at Pioneer Tech, she advocates for all students and works diligently to ensure access and equity.

Today in her role as a career counselor, Evans focuses on assisting students in identifying their appropriate career pathway and providing support necessary for success in PTC programs.

Evans also serves in a leadership role for the Student Services department and facilitates communication between the sending school districts, agency partners and higher educational entities. She functions as the point of contact for scheduling, enrollment and testing of students earning college credit while enrolled at PTC. Through her involvement students continue to develop and new options are explored with articulating institutions.

Her direction in Pioneer Tech’s Student Services has yielded continuous improvement initiatives and new opportunities to collaborate with partner high schools on Individual Career and Academic Plans. The goal for her team is to provide a format for the sending school as well as Pioneer Technology Center to share student career and academic information, which will facilitate career and academic guidance and support structures. This pilot project is one that will be duplicated with all students in the coming years and will allow a centralized location for the necessary data and records students will utilize for higher learning opportunities and beyond.

“Lori is an amazing educator, counselor and leader. We value her input, diligence and contributions to Pioneer Tech. She is well deserving of this award and her PTC family is very proud of her accomplishments,” said Traci Thorpe, Superintendent/CEO.

Wife to Dale, mother of three grown children and one grandchild, Evans has called Tonkawa home for over thirty years.