Career Signing Day

Pioneer Technology Center (PTC) has a brand new recognition program for their graduates as they transition from the tech center into the workforce. Career Signing Day is a brand new campaign where students who have completed their program are highlighted as well as the business or industry where they are employed. “Signing day is so exciting no matter your education track, but to celebrate employment of our students who are securing their future means Pioneer Tech is meeting our goal of securing our student’s futures.  Career Signing is going to be an amazing celebration,” said Traci Thorpe, PTC Superintendent/CEO.  Dalton Rau is a soon to be graduate of the Business Information Technology Education program which has a concentration in Information Technology and Cyber Security. Rau was offered employment at ADPC as a  in Ponca City.  Pictured left to right are Dan Braden, ADPC Software Developer; Allison Rau, Dalton Rau and Zac Ladner, Pioneer Tech Instructor.  For more information about Pioneer Tech and its programs go to  or call (580) 762-8336.