New Beginning

New Beginning serves a variety of students with different educational needs. All students are assessed; this equips Pioneer Technology Center to place the students more appropriately in the program where the student will most likely experience success. After career counseling, a personalized career plan is developed that may include ABE classes, Life Management Skills classes, and/or career training. In addition to these services, the program offers extensive supportive services to the students. The program’s job specialist offers the student encouragement, problem solving and decision-making assistance.

During the student’s vocational year, the program works with that student to remove barriers such as lack of transportation, childcare issues, etc. A vast network consisting of county agencies and non-profit organizations provides the program with guidance and student assistance as needed.

New Beginning offers employability skills to prepare the student for the workplace. Career preparation involving resume writing, interview techniques, work ethics, and professional dress are part of the Life Management Skills curriculum. After training, the program assists with job placement and continues to offer supportive services to the student up to six-months following completion.

New Beginning helps students focus on moving in a positive direction. Program completers move on to employment in their related fields and many consider furthering their education at college.

Through the New Beginning program students have the chance not only to dream, but also to make their dreams a reality!

This program offers new opportunities for Kay, Noble, and Osage County students.