Manufacturing Ext. Agent

As a part of Pioneer Technology Center’s Business and Industry Services (BIS) center, the Manufacturing Extension Agent works to compliment, and be a valuable tool for business improvement. The Manufacturing Extension Agent is housed at Pioneer Tech. This position is a partnership with Autry Technology Center, the Manufacturing Alliance and Pioneer Technology Center. The Manufacturing Extension Agent provides services for small to medium size manufacturing businesses. The main objective is to keep these businesses competitive and increase their bottom line through engineering, research and development, and training services.

The Manufacturing Extension Agent is able to review and assess any facet of a manufacturing business. In addition to using outside research groups, the agent utilizes Autry and Pioneer Technology Centers’ Business and Industry Services divisions as its primary resources to provide instructors and teachers who offer training and support to participating companies.

This agent is also a directlink to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to assist businesses with a wide variety of the states incentive programs. This includes Quality Jobs, Small Quality Jobs, Capital Investment Tax Credits and others.