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What federal financial aid is available at Pioneer Tech?

Pioneer Technology Center is approved to offer the following federal Title IV financial aid to those who qualify:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)
  • Oklahoma’s Promise

Note:   Pioneer Technology Center does NOT participate in any Federal Loan programs.

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Who is eligible?

Students who are enrolled as full-time or half time students in accredited* Career Majors, which are at least 600 clock hours in length, may apply for Title IV aid.  (*A Career Major must be accredited for Title IV aid by the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education.)  To be eligible for Title IV federal financial aid, you must have a high school diploma or GED or provide an academic transcript to prove you were home schooled.

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How do I apply?

1st STEP –  apply for an FSA ID at (If you have never applied for FAFSA on-line before.)  Keep your ID for future use. If you are required to include your parents’ income, one of your parents will also need an FSA ID, as that represents their electronic signature.

2nd STEP– fill out the federal aid application (FAFSA) on the

3rd STEP– use IRS Data Retrieval Tool to import your 2017 tax information from the IRS

If you have NO access to a computer, inquire at your local library or contact the Financial Aid office to make arrangements to use a computer on PTC’s campus.

You are encouraged to print a copy of your FAFSA information before you submit it and to also print the confirmation page after you have submitted your FAFSA-on-the-Web.

You may also contact the U.S. Department of Education by calling toll-free 1-800-4FEDAID (1-800-433-3243).  Ask them to mail you a paper FAFSA to your home address.  (The US Dept. of Education will no longer send paper FAFSAs to schools).

Note: Filing a paper FAFSA may take longer for processing.


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How do I find out if I’m eligible?

Approximately 3 weeks after the FAFSA is submitted on-line, you will receive an email with your Student Aid Report (SAR).  If you do not have an email address, the (Yellow) SAR will be mailed to your home address.  That is your copy to keep.  If you entered Pioneer Technology Center’s financial aid code on your FAFSA, the school will also receive a copy of the report.  Your copy (and only your copy) will have a DRN (Data Release Number).  If you should want to transfer schools, you may do so by using that DRN.

After you are enrolled in an eligible course, you will receive an award letter from PTC stating the amounts of financial aid for which you are eligible or a letter stating that you are not eligible and the reason why.

If you are paying tuition/fees out of your federal Pell grant, tuition for each semester will be taken out of each disbursement.  If you wish to purchase books/supplies or have other costs taken out of your Pell grant, they must be picked up 3 weeks before your 1st disbursement.  If there is money left over after tuition, books and fees have been paid, the money will be disbursed to the student to be used for school-related expenses (such as gasoline to get back and forth to school and living expenses).

If an agency will be paying your tuition, fees, etc., it is your responsibility to bring a letter from that agency to the financial aid office.

Application for OTAG is automatic with the FAFSA or FAFSA-on-the-Web if you indicate that you have resided in Oklahoma for more than a year, and you indicate any Oklahoma Career Tech or college in section 5 (where you enter the federal school codes).  You must apply as soon as possible after October 1 to be considered for OTAG, as funds run out quickly.

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What other kinds of aid are available?


In-district Adults: $2.00 per clock hour

Out-of-district Adults: $4.00 per clock hour

Out -of-state Adults: $8.00 per clock hour

In-district Secondary: No Tuition

Out-of-district Secondary: $13,026

A $25.00 non refundable enrollment fee is required of all adult students.

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