Business Incubator

Pioneer Technology Center’s Business Incubator is a Certified Business Incubator facility designed to create and nurture the growth and development of a new or start-up business. Space is available for service, light manufacturing, food production, and wholesale startup businesses. Incubator tenants have access to meeting rooms and office equipment. In addition, the following professional services are available:

  • Business plan preparation
  • Operational guidance
  • Pre-employment testing and screening
  • Government contracting
  • Customer service training
  • Marketing plan preparation & implementation

Incubator tenants also receive an Oklahoma Income Tax exemption. For more info. email Robert Howard or call 580-718-4239. Video

Current Incubator Clients
  • KB Enterprises (GateHands)
    Suite D119-120
  • Speak Now Film Co.
    Suite D123
  • Thomas Distribution Solutions (State Surgical Supply)
    Suite D113
  • Titan Preparedness, LLC
    Suite D122
  • Total Fab & Construction, LLC
    Suite D115
Helpful Forms:

Business Incubator Floorplan

Client Application

Client Lease Agreement

Business Incubator Rules & Regulations

Incubator Manager