WorkKeys NOTIFICATION from Pioneer Tech 

Pioneer Tech’s WorkKeys Assessment online program is NOT accessible at this time. If you had plans to take a WorkKeys assessment in July you MUST wait as test dates have been cancelled.  For potential students needing to takes this assessment contact Pioneer Tech after July 17th to schedule a future test.  We apologize for this inconvenience, WorkKeys has informed us they hope to have the issue solved soon.    


Assessment Center Location:

PTC Student Services Office B110

 Call 580.718.4234 to register for testing or stop by Student Services or email.


  • All personal belongings should be locked in the trunk of your car or left at home. No head coverings unless prior approval. Parents please do not bring children to your assessment.
  • No electronic devices are allowed in the testing room including cell phones.

Check-in at student Services

Started Between 8:00 to 8:30am

Seating is first come first served. Some students may not complete all 3 tests in afternoon session.

Assessment Testing Dates:


Purpose:  The purpose of the assessment is to provide potential students and the PTC counselor information to assist in making an informed decision.

Testing Used/Accepted:  The PTC Career Center administers the following ACT WorkKeys tests:  Reading for Information – 33 questions; Locating Information – 38 questions; Applied Mathematics – 33 questions.  Each test is 55 minutes in length.  PTC accepts ACT scores if taken within the last three years.

Assessment Results:  Upon completion of testing you will meet with the PTC Counselor to receive your results.  Enrollment or remediation options will be discussed at this meeting.

Financial Aid Eligibility:  Due to the many guidelines and laws governing financial aid, please contact the financial aid coordinator for this information.

Testing Fees:  First time test is free to any potential PTC students. There is a $10.00 fee per test to re-test in one or more areas and a 30 day waiting period after you have tested. Community individuals coming to take a test and not enrolling at PTC will be charged $10.

Work Keys FAQ's:

Workkeys is a job skills assessment system measuring “real-world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success.   The purpose of this assessment is to provide potential students and the PTC counselor information to assist in making an informed decision. 


  1. Come well rested.  Relax! These tests are designed to help you in school and work.

  2. Remediation is available for anyone wanting assistance before or after testing.  Notify Student Services if interested.  

  3. Calculator, scrap paper, and pencil will be provided.  

  4. Be sure you understand the directions for each test before beginning.  The timer will start after directions are read. 

  5. It is important to complete all questions and there is no penalty for guessing.  You may flag a question and return to it provided you have time left.  (55 minutes for each test.)

  6. Questions will get progressively more challenging.  Give your best answer and move on.  Flag and return to question if time allows. 

  7. A 10 minute break is allowed upon completion of each test.  You must stay in the building . 

  8. After completion of tests for the day, you will meet with our Counselor to discuss your scores and next steps toward your future.

Test Prep


Test Dates