This is a brand new program being offered and will begin in August of 2017.  The Criminal Justice/Emergency Services Program will combine firefighter and emergency medical skills along with criminal justice training opportunities.  This career major will serve as an introduction to these fields and prepare students for testing and registration through the Oklahoma State Department of Health as an Emergency Medical Responder along with an American Heart Association Healthcare Provider First Aid/CPR certification, Hazardous Material Awareness and Operations certification and Firefighter 1.  This is a certification and one of the most basic classes to help a prospective candidate obtain a firefighter certificate.


Career Major

Criminal Justice/Emergency Services - 1050 hours


Courses Include

Emergency Services - 561 Hrs.

  • Core Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid

  • EMR Emergency Medical Responder

  • Emergency Vehicle Operati ons**

  • National Incident Management Systems

  • Hazardous Materials Awareness*

  • Fire Academy - Hazardous Materials Operations*

  • Firefighter 1*

  • Vehicle/Machinery Extrication Basics***

  • Basic Firefi ghter   Evaluations and Testi ng

  • Med. and Phys. Req. for Criminal Justice/EMS

  • Workforce Staging A

  • Work-Based Experience

Criminal Justice - 489 hrs.

  • Intro to Criminal Justice for Law Enforcement

  • Police Functi on and Fundamentals

  • Tactical and Interpersonal Communicati ons

  • 911 Telecommunicator - Basic

  • Applied Concepts in Fitness for Law

  • Enforcement

  • Criminal Justice Work-Based Experience

  • American Court Systems

  • Crisis Intervention and the Emotionally Disturbed

  • Prisoner Detention

  • C.L.E.E.T. Phase I

  • C.L.E.E.T. Phase II

  • Defensive Tacti cs for Security Offi cer

  • Workforce Staging B

  • Work-Based Experience for Criminal Justice/EMS

** National Safety Council

 Employment Opportunities

  • Law Enforcement Officer

  • Firefighter

  • EMT

  • Bailiff

  • Dispatcher

  • Jailer

  • Security Guard

  • Courtroom Security


Competencies/Certifications Available 

State of Oklahoma

  • Emergency Medical Responder – OSDH

National Certifications

  • Healthcare Provider First Aid/CPR – American Heart
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness – IFSAC
  • Hazardous Materials Operations- IFSAC
  • Firefighter 1 - IFSAC





Tom Burg

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